Magnetostrictives position sensor in hot forging press

How to monitor and control your hot forging press with the WRA-A magnetostrictive position sensor and the KS pressure position sensor

Hot forging press is compressing billets and ingots of iron or steel at very high temperatures

The hot forging press, used for machining metals such as iron and steel, requires sensors with a high degree of resistance to shocks and vibrations to maintain the repeatability of the position measurement and the safety of the closed circuit hydraulic circuit.

A hot forging press must compress billets and iron or steel ingots with very high temperatures. Only in this way the forging press can compact and change their final shape by using presses with hydraulic drive.

WRA-A magnetostrictive position transducers and KS pressure position sensor can guarantee a high degree of repeatability and control of the closed circuit pressure of the hydraulic circuit.


Magnetostrictive position and pressure sensor for press control in hot forging

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