Magnetostrictives position sensor for sawing machine for tie bar and metal profile

Find out how to achieve real-time position control of the blade for tie rods and metal profiles in the cutting machine by updating the position every 1 ms with a linearity error ≤ ± 0.02% FS and gaging repeatability of 0.01 mm

WPP-A magnetostrictive transducers with the floating slider PCUR210

Industrial automatic blade cutting machines need to operate at high speed and reducing potential blade vibrations to achieve a uniform and smooth cut of the workpiece. WPP-A magnetostrictive transducers with the PCUR210 sliding cursor allow you to know the precise and real-time position of the blade, so you can reduce cutting issues and preserve the quality of the blade.


Magnetostrictive position sensor for blade cutting machine for tie rods and metal profiles

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